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Wise Choices.
Mindful Living.
Smart Food.

We are a small family operated farm located south of Lebanon in Boone County, Indiana. Joel and Holly Woody along with our three boys Sam, Levi, and Isaiah have created a​ family atmosphere and utilize natural practices to produce smart food for your family. You can visit the farm or meet up with us at several farmers markets in the area. Come on out and see the menagerie of animals joining the family at any given time, you can see the farm operation and pick a few of your own vegetables.

Wise Choices
We live by the teachings of God of the Bible. Our choices are guided by the worldview that our created world is perfect, but evil was introduced and is now intertwined with everything that we experience, therefore the effects on people, which were created in the image of God, weigh heavily on all of us. Our choices, when consciously aligned with God’s will for our lives, ameliorate our lives and the lives of those around us.​

Healthy Living
Living on this planet, in this country, state, and city, with these people is a unique experience for each individual. Staying aware and conscientious of the way our life impacts all elements of our environment improves the quality of life for everyone.  

Smart Food
Food is the fuel for our body. Our body is the vehicle for our spirit. In order to carry out God’s will and be in optimal condition to be aligned and tuned in to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Good fuel means that our body has more energy, functions better, lasts longer.


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